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We have a number of customers who are using our dataservices at various levels. The comments below advise what we can provide at present.

If you need anything different please let us know.

OK - I have not got much time but would like to know about what you have in stock? If you need to know about stock and recommended cross sales then please feel free to use this website as the stock is shown real time and also recommends complementary products  
  I usually use spreadsheets with prices on what can you provide? We have a price list in an excel format with all the products and prices. We can also send send you an email at 6.30am every day with the SKU and our stocks to integrate with your website or back end databases. All we need is a request and we can set this up immediately.  
  I really need closer integration with my website?

In this case we can provide you with a CSV file with the stock, SKU and descrition with your price on a dedicated FTP account on our server. We need a regular flow of business to be able to set up and maintain this method.

  I have an MS Sql server and am not worried about you putting information onto it direct, what can you offer? We have a Visual Basic script that will interegate your server looking for SKU's that match ours. When it finds them it looiks if your stock level is the same as ours. If not, it updates your database to match ours - simple and very quick. We can run regularly or daily depending on needs..  
  How will I get all the information to set up my website first time? We have a CSV file will all the information you would require with recommended cross selling and upselling opportunities  
  If I need images where do I get them? We have an image library available on the site and this will include the ability to download bulk images in a zip file. Please note that all our images have the Digimarc tracking built in and can only be used for marketing Sapphire/Interactive Technologies products.