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Sapphire AV

Sapphire Electric Screen with Trigger 16:10 Format Viewing Area 1704mm x 1065mm Approx Case Dimensions L 1952mm x H 93mm x D 79mm

Sapphire Electric Screen with Trigger 16:10 Format Viewing Area 1704mm x 1065mm Approx Case Dimensions L 1952mm x H 93mm x D 79mm

  Product SKU: SEWS180RWSF-ATR10

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The Sapphire Mayfair Electric Projector Screen offers a range of features and benefits for an excellent viewing experience. Here's a summary of its key characteristics:

  • Handheld Infra Red Remote Control: The screen comes with a convenient handheld infrared remote control for easy operation.
  • 10m Trigger Cable: Supplied with a 10m trigger cable, enabling you to control the screen when the projector is turned on or off (requires a projector with a 12v output).
  • IR Extender: The screen includes an IR extender, allowing the remote control to function even when the screen is recessed or hidden.
  • RS232 and Contact Closure Control: It is compatible with various control options, supplied with bare end cables for RS232 and contact closure control.
  • Long-range Remote Control: The infrared remote control can operate the screen from up to 8 meters away.
  • Energy-Saving: The screen is designed with ultra-low power consumption for energy efficiency.
  • Low Noise: Operates at only 45 decibels, ensuring a quiet and smooth operation.
  • Sleek White Aluminium Casing: The casing has a stylish white design, allowing for a discreet installation in any environment.
  • Channel Fix Brackets: Brackets enable flexible wall or ceiling mounting at any position along the casing.
  • Power Cable: Supplied with a 2.7 meters power cable and a standard UK power plug for easy setup.
  • 3-Year Warranty: Backed by an outstanding 3-year warranty, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Fabric Specifications:

  • Matt White Fabric: Composed of triple-ply fiberglass laminate, preventing wrinkles and waves for a smooth projection surface.
  • Loss of Light Prevention: Special material prevents the loss of light, making it compatible with standard/long throw projectors.
  • Fire, Water, and Mould Resistant: Screen fabrics are designed to resist fire, water, and mold, enhancing durability and longevity.
  • Microdot Technology: The top layer of the fabric has microdots made with PVC technology for optimal reflection.
  • 1.1 Gain: Reflects the same amount of light back as the projector produces, achieving a true cinema experience.
  • Black Backing: The back of the fabric is black, enabling the screen to be placed in front of a window without light interference.


  • Wall or Ceiling Mount: The screen can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  • Channel Fix Brackets: Designed for one-man installation, allowing flexible bracket positioning along the casing's profile.

Overall, the Sapphire Mayfair Electric Projector Screen offers a high-quality projection solution with advanced features, making it a reliable and versatile choice for various settings.



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