FAQ Page


Can my manual or electric screen be wall or ceiling mounted?
All of our electric screens can be wall or ceiling mounted, with the exception of 5m and 6m electric screens (some 4m,4.5m and 4.88M need to be hung for ceiling mounting).

Can the screen brackets be mounted at the front of the casing?
No, the brackets are positioned on the top and back of the screen casing. However, we offer stand-off brackets for reverse mounting, or a reverse roll service is available upon request (POA).

Does the screen fabric come out towards the front or back of the casing? The aperture is towards the back of the screen casing.

Which side is the power lead on?
The power lead is on the left-hand side when you look at the screen head-on.

Will my remote work if I hide the screen?
If your screen uses radio frequency, yes, the remote will work even if the screen is concealed. If your screen uses Infrared, it can still be hidden out of sight. We supply a plug-in receiver that attaches to the left side of the screen with a short cable. As long as this receiver is visible, it will work fine.

Does the screen have blackout on the back?
All screens have black back out, except for tab tension, rear projection, and rapid fold screens.

What are the screen dimensions?
Screen dimensions can be found on the following link: Screen Dimensions. Please note that these dimensions are approximate, subject to change, and may have a degree of tolerance. If your installation is dimension-critical, please contact us at 01633 895918, option 1, where we can assist you further.

Can I adjust the drop of my fabric?
The fabric drop can be adjusted to reduce the length, but it cannot be made longer. We supply a flexible Allen key and detailed instructions on how this can be achieved. Please call us before making any tab tension adjustments.

Can I paint my screen casing?
Yes, you can paint the screen casing, provided that the paint or spray does not get into the mechanics of the screen. This does not invalidate the warranty.

If I order my screen today, how quickly can I get it?
We maintain very good stock levels, so if your screen is in stock, delivery is usually the next working day to UK mainland. The cut-off time for next working day delivery is 3pm. Stocks are shown for each product on this website

Can I wash my screen fabric?
Yes, you can wash the screen fabric. Use a small amount of washing up liquid and a lightly damp cloth to gently dab the fabric. Do not rub it or apply any pressure.

Can I get a custom-sized screen for my specific installation?
Yes, we offer custom-sized screens to accommodate unique installation requirements. Please contact our customer support at 01633 895918, option 1, to discuss your customization needs.

What is the difference between tab tension and regular screens?
Tab tension screens feature an additional tensioning system to keep the screen fabric perfectly flat for improved image quality. Regular screens do not have this tensioning system. This is important for ultra-short throw projectors when even the best glass fibre fabric will not give a good image.

Can I use my own fabric material with your screen casing?
Our screens are designed to work with specific screen materials to ensure optimal performance. Using your own fabric may affect the screen's performance and image quality.

Are there options for different screen materials, such as for ambient light rejection?
Yes, we offer various screen materials designed for different lighting conditions, including ambient light rejection screens for well-lit environments. Contact us for recommendations based on your setup.

How do I control the screen if I don't want to use a remote? Some of our screens come with options for wall-mounted control switches. All electric screens have RS232 and Contact closure as standard.for integration with home automation systems. Check the product specifications to see the available control options.

Do you provide installation services? While we don't directly provide installation services, we can offer guidance and recommendations for professional installers who are experienced with our products.

What is the warranty period for your screens? Our screens typically come with a 3 or 5 year warranty. The warranty period may vary depending on the specific screen model. Refer to the product documentation or contact our support team for warranty details.

I have lost my receipt and the screen is under warranty?
Most product gets shipped direct from our warehouses due to their length. If we have shipped to your address we can usually find the order even if you are no longer in contact with the installation company.