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Sapphire 3m Rapid Fold Front Fabric Only 4:3 for SFFS305FR

Sapphire 3m Rapid Fold Front Fabric Only 4:3 for SFFS305FR

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The Sapphire 3m Rapid Fold replacement fabric, Designed for a 4:3 aspect ratio to replace the fabric on a Sapphire Rapid Fold portable screen.
The front Rapid fold fabric is designed to provide a convenient and effective way to replace the fabric on your Sapphire Rapid fold screen. Maintaining the high-quality projection experience it offers.
This replacement fabric is specifically tailored for a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Key Features
  • Fabric only Replacement: This product includes the fabric only, designed to be attached to your existing Sapphire Rapid fold portable screen frame. It allows you to refresh your screens projection surface without the need to replace the ensure screen assembly.
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio: The replacement fabric is crafted to a 4:3 aspect ratio. 
  • Easy attachment with poppers: The fabric is equipped with poppers that enable a secure and straightforward attachment to the frame of your Sapphire Rapid fold portable screen. The ensures a snug and taught projection surface.
  • Cloth bag for storage: The replacement fabric comes with a cloth bag providing a convenient storage solution when the fabric is not in use. This helps protect the fabric from dust, scratches and other potential damage.

By providing a secure attachment method, along with a storage bag, this product aims to enhance your overall projection experience while extending the life of your portable screen.

Fabric specifications:
1:1 Gain

The fabric used is a special designed PVC material to help capture a flawless and outstanding image. The screen is coated with micron diamond optical microgrooves to help produce a 4K resolution.

For specific details about the product, availability, and any additional features, you can refer to the product page on the Sapphire AV website of give us a call on 01633 895918 Option 1.

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