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Sapphire Ambient Light Fixed Frame Screen 16:9 Ratio. Viewing Area 265cm x 149cm - SALFS266WSF

Sapphire Ambient Light Fixed Frame Screen 16:9 Ratio. Viewing Area 265cm x 149cm - SALFS266WSF

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Introducing the SAPPHIRE AMBIENT LIGHT FIXED FRAME SCREEN, a revolutionary solution for bright or naturally lit environments. With a picture quality comparable to flat panel TVs, this 100-inch diagonal screen brings a colourful and vibrant viewing experience on a much larger scale. The cutting-edge ambient light technology ensures deep black levels and vibrant colours by reflecting the projected image while absorbing ambient light, preventing image fading.

Crafted with a black satin bezel, the screen exudes a sleek and modern appearance, resembling a high-end TV. Its tensioned structure ensures a perfectly flat fabric surface, delivering a flawless cinematic experience that will delight TV enthusiasts, gamers, and sports fans alike, day or night.

The versatility of this screen is noteworthy. While perfect for dedicated home cinemas and game rooms, it also excels in various other applications, including corporate settings, board rooms, pubs, and clubs.

Specifically designed for use with Ultra Short Throw Projectors, this screen requires the projector to be positioned at the bottom of the screen. For optimal results, it is essential to consult the projector manufacturer's guidelines to achieve the desired diagonal image size.

Compatible with various projectors, such as the Samsung LSP7T, Samsung LSP9T, and others with similar short throw specifications,


  • Specialized surface and a 0.42 gain for exceptional viewing angles.
  • Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Aluminum frame finished with a 12.5mm bezel
  • Installation is made easy with the included rail mounting bracket.

To ensure customer satisfaction, this product comes with an excellent quality guarantee backed by a 3-year warranty. With the SAPPHIRE AMBIENT LIGHT FIXED FRAME SCREEN, elevate your viewing experience and immerse yourself in an extraordinary visual journey.

For additional installation tips and insights, watch the accompanying video to make the most of this exceptional screen. 

ALR 100 inch screen installed in a living room


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