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Sapphire AV

Sapphire Ambient Light Tab Tension Electric 2.2m 16:9

Sapphire Ambient Light Tab Tension Electric 2.2m 16:9

  Product SKU: SETTS221WSF-ALR

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  • Ambient Light Resisting: The screen is designed to resist ambient light, reflecting away external light sources that could interfere with the projected image.
  • 4K Compatible: Supports 4K resolution images for high-quality visuals with compatible projectors.
  • Tab Tension Electric Screen: Equipped with tab tensioning for a smooth and wrinkle-free projection surface.
  • 140 Degree Viewing Angle: Wide viewing angle for optimal viewing from various positions without compromising image quality.
  • 0.6 Gain: Gain factor of 0.6 enhances brightness and colour reproduction, creating vibrant and colourful visuals.
  • Physical Anti-light Structure: Fabric surface with an anti-light structure to improve ambient light resistance.
  • Top Black Border: 400mm top black border optimizes the viewing area in modern house setups.
  • Trigger Cable: Supplied with a 10m trigger cable for automatic screen control with the projector (requires 12v output).
  • Infrared (IR) Remote Control: Comes with an IR remote control and IR extender for convenient screen control.
  • Control Options: Supports RS232 and contact closure control with bare end cables.
  • Energy Saving: Designed with ultra-low power consumption for energy efficiency.
  • Sleek White Aluminium Casing: Discreet installation in any environment.
  • Channel Fix Brackets: Enables flexible wall or ceiling mounting at any position along the casing.
  • Power Cable: 2.7 meters power cable with a standard UK power plug for easy setup.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Backed by an outstanding 5-year warranty.
  • ISF Certified: Guarantee of high-quality fabric for an incredible viewing experience.

How the Screen Works:

  • Ambient Light Reflection: The screen's shape reflects ambient light away from the image area.
  • Projector Angle: The projector projects the image with a steep upward angle.
  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Reflected light creates a clear, vibrant, and captivating cinematic experience even in daylight conditions.

Weight 44kg

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