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Sapphire AV

Sapphire Easy Reach Pole

Sapphire Easy Reach Pole

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The Sapphire Easy Reach Pole is primarily intended for use with projection screens, which are manually operated rather than motorized or automated. Manual projection screens are commonly used in various settings, such as classrooms, conference rooms, home theaters, 

With this pole, users can conveniently lower the projection screen from its mounted position and raise it back up when not needed. The extended length of the pole ensures that the screen can be comfortably accessed even when mounted at a higher position on the wall or ceiling.

Key features of the Sapphire Easy Reach Pole:

  1. Length: The pole is 1 meter (approximately 3.28 feet) long, providing an extended reach to access projection screens that may be installed at higher positions.

  2. Black Handle: The pole is equipped with a black handle, which is likely designed for comfortable gripping and ease of use while operating the projection screen.

  3. Hooks: The pole comes with hooks on the end, allowing it to securely grip the projection screen. This feature enables users to pull down the screen easily when it needs to be used and retract it when not in use.


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