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Sapphire AV

Sapphire Harmony 2.4m Projection Whiteboard

Sapphire Harmony 2.4m Projection Whiteboard

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When you want to be able to write on your whiteboard and project this is the product you must have. 

It is designed with the same surface film we have used in our Interactive Whiteboard manufacture which will give you a safe image. It is accepted practice that you must not go far over 2000 lumens on an interactive Whiteboard surface (which is what we use for this board) otherwise you can face claims for eye damage through light bounceback. 

  • This product is 2.4M by 1.2m
  • Alumium framed with plastic end caps.
  • The surface is coated with the same USA sourced material that we have used for years in manufacturing Interactive Products. 
  • The image produced is crisp and clear with hardly any hot spots.
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