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Sapphire IP Control Box - Compatible with many new control systems

Sapphire IP Control Box - Compatible with many new control systems

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The Sapphire IP Control Box is designed for seamless integration with the Sapphire range of screens and can also be used with other brands of screens that have a four-core 230V motor or support zero-volt contact closure.

Key Features:

  • IP Integration: The control box accepts IP commands, allowing for network-based control of the screen.
  • Relay Control: Sets up relays to provide 230V power for a short period, enabling the screen to drop or retract.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Can also control garage doors that use the same type of motor.
  • RS232 and Contact Closure Support: Accepts RS232 input or zero-volt contact closure, providing local control options.
  • Dual Control Option: By changing dip switches, it can receive control via the network and simultaneously operate a Sapphire projector lift with the same command, controlling two devices with one command.
  • Technical Support: Detailed assistance available via email ( or phone (call 01633 895918, then select option 1).

IP Configuration:

  • Default IP: (modifiable before installation).
  • Mobile App: A pre-configured app is available for use with the default IP ( If the IP is changed, users can update the app settings accordingly by clicking the white COG button.

TCP Access and Port Number:

  • TCP access is supported for communication.
  • Port Number: 80.

Control Commands: The following HTTP commands can be used to control the screen:

  • Open Command: GET /Open.js?a=100 HTTP/1.1
  • Close Command: GET /Close.js?a=100 HTTP/1.1
  • Stop Command: GET /Stop.js?a=100 HTTP/1.1

Please ensure that the appropriate TCP/IP communication settings are configured for seamless control of the Sapphire IP Control Box and connected devices.

 Using The Sapphire APP to work the IP control box.

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